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Psychotherapy Psychoanalysis

I am a board certified private practice psychiatrist and psychotherapist based in Princeton, NJ.

I offer a variety of treatment modalities including individual psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and medication management.


I believe that every individual has a unique narrative and perspective that needs to be fully understood before psychiatric treatment can proceed. 

People seek treatment for many reasons, including a traumatic event or a painful loss.  Other times there may be symptoms and emotional pain that is difficult to pinpoint and understand.

My goal is to create a safe, containing space where any issue can be discussed and explored.

I do not consult for or work with any pharmaceutical companies to avoid potential bias in my clinical work, and attempt whenever possible to use evidenced based practices in the psychiatric literature along with an effort to understand through the psychotherapeutic relationship.

Instead of applying a “one size fits all” mindset, I aim to alleviate suffering by utilizing a variety of modalities that fit the individual including psychotherapy and psychopharmacology. 

My approach to using medications involves using the latest evidence-based methodologies, and including the patient  in-depth discussions about their symptoms and goals.


I have particular expertise in psychodynamic psychotherapy and treatment resistant mood and anxiety disorders. I provide thorough evaluations, diagnosis, and treatment planning for adult patients (18+) with a range of conditions including stressful life transitions, depression, anxiety, OCD, bipolar disorder, and panic disorder.
Conditions treated:

Post traumatic stress disorder
Trauma related disorders
Dissociative disorders
Bipolar Disorder

Relationship and marital issues
Struggles with work and family life
Cultural/racial identity conflicts
Life transitions
Low self esteem

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